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10-9-2017 2:46:44 AM
7 & 8 October 2017

We asked various people to give us feedback from their experience at the weekend:


To summarize in one sentence, the Free State Conference was a stretching and expanding of all the faculties of spirit, soul and body. No one could have left untouched and unchanged.

To mention only a few aspects that stood out:
* The Israelites had to sit for 40 years in the Cross of Jesus and under the covering of the cloud in the desert, being fed only the bread of heaven, so that God could cleanse them from the defilement of Egypt and change their DNA to be prepared and able to take possession of the promised land. Likewise we must also separate and cleanse ourselves from the defilement of the world in order to win new territory for the Kingdom of God on earth.
* We are co-workers with Jesus, interceding for all the nations of the world to be restored back to God. It is therefor our duty to pray for the nations because it is the desire of Father's heart that every nation, tribe and tongue be saved and made the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ (Rev 11:15).

Louisa Cloete, Free State


I have a new hunger to know Him more...
I know and understand the Name(s) of God, who created with the same breath that is going to blow the 8th trumpet. I have a desire to plunge deeper into His Word, the ancient never ending river of revelation. Even in the Old testament we learn about the covenant, and seal, the circumcision, the baptism and that we, as the remnant in the latter days, are originally created to play a glorious role in the redemption of the world and eventually rule with Christ.

In Messiah we can literally go back to Eden, so to speak, and start over in perfect innocence, righteousness and holiness. By His grace, we can experience the truest, noblest, most holy form of love, because of the completed work on the cross.
We need the Holy Spirit to walk in obedience and holiness, trusting Him completely.
In this walk, we must also be very much aware of the divine appointed times with God. Through the feasts He would interact with man forever.
"Let a man so consider us, as servants of Messiah
and stewards of the mysteries of Christ.
Moreover, it is required in stewards that one be found faithful"
1 Cor 4:1,2

Izette Haasbroek, Free State


Apostle was teaching from the heart of the Father, so much so that there were times when I would close my eyes and hear I would really hear that this is the Fathers heart talking here, she was so aligned with His heart.

She made a lot of emphasis that we are a people of The Name meaning we carry His name, Apostle made an analogy of a phone she said we are the batteries in a phone and the body of the phone is just the booth, the tent, the cover so to speak. She said the battery is what comes from heaven then the body could be coming from China or wherever, this is the reason we always have to fight against the flesh because it always pulls to itself: For an example when you born as a Xhosa person in that specific person the minute you get there you are born into worshipping their gods, hence there's always this wrestling with your soul and spirit.

She said God the Father is looking for a people, a company of people who carry His name, and we are those people who have a covenant with Him, therefore we must understand that a covenant requires a cut in the flesh which is why children according to the Jewish tradition they would be circumcised at 8 days, she explained the reasons behind this. She explained that when the parents allow this to happen they are saying "no seed will come out of this boy to service the other altars"
This therefore means that the gate is being sacrificed.

She continued that circumcision in the new testament is baptism without hands. This is an entry point for us into the new covenant, dispensation. So if you want to be part of the new covenant you MUST be baptised, because the baptism allows me to tell principalities that I was with Christ in death at the cross and now I'm alive with Him in high places in the heavenlies.

We need to understand that every time God speaks there's an upgrade. Also we must understand that we have contracts to kill principalities, gain territories for God, we have a mission to bring nations back to God,
That's is the final analysis period.

God has given us His Spirit to equip us for battle and we must me 007 MIA agents, with all the guns known in the realm of the Spirit, we must use all that ammunition that has been given to us, and take those territories guns blazing.

In Acts 15:13-20, James the brother of Jesus is making a decision and the reason he is able to do that is because according to Jewish culture a living brother can take the responsibility of the brother that has died and in this case he has the responsibility of the bride (church)
(I just found that amazing.)

We also saw a video of a Jewish Rabbi reminding us not to let Satan win, because we are a people of The Name. Our lives are a witness and a testimony of The Name, because we are privileged, we are able to call on to the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Nehemiah 10:1 talks about being set and sealed, and after this we are putting up our hands and voting and saying Yes to the call of God in our lives.

Apostle talked about the time we are in that it requires intensity in our prayers, we need to be intentional in our intercession, no more pity parties, or else you will be left behind while you busy with your nice life problems. This is no time to play hide and seek with principalities it's a time of war and killing principalities like never before.

We are a wrap up crew, we are the last runners the time is now, Christ is waiting for us to move and move very quickly.

This conference for me was about elevation, equipping and building up of capacity, we must get the CD for this because we need to work through it.

I tried my best, Apostle was dealing with deep stuff, my mind is still trying to make sense of other things, it is PhD material.
Maki Tselapedi, Pretoria FireHouse, Gauteng


On Sunday at Bothaville for Sukkot, we were challenged to move from where we are, not staying in the same place. To move out of our box, experiment, expand horizons, to expand our brain and to put ourselves in another place. If not we will have no capasity for God to out pour on us. The whole earth is waiting.....Jesus is waiting for 007, prophesying, speaking in tongues, hand crafted bullets, full quivers and newclare potentials use for the Kingdoms of the earth to move. He is waiting for us to do our assignment. Jesus will not move if we don't move! We are part of the wrap-up crew and last runners, doing our part. The Apostles are making a slip stream for us. We better get ahead, the principality is coming and it means we we're going to be prepared like never before - the plowmen will overtake the reaper.
Annalie Van Der Vyver, Pretoria FireHouse, Gauteng


Fransie het gepraat oor die liggaam van Christus wat my opnuut laat besef het dat ons soos Jesus moet klink, liefhe, optree en vergewe.
Dat ons in sulke ernstige tye is, dat 'owes en die wolk van getuies vir ons intree met Erns en n angstigheid dat ons nie dieselfde foute as hulle sal maak en die beloofde land MIS nie.
Die belangrikheid van die doop, die besnydenis wat nie met hande gedoen is nie, die doop en die besnydenis van jou hart het my opnuut laat besef hoe wonderlik geseend ons is om deel te wees van God se volksblad. Dankie Apostel Natasha!
Vader se getrouheid om deur die sieners te openbaar dat God se asem self die agtse basuin sal blaas en dat daar gedeel moet word met die onreg wat Lesotho aangedoen is en die onheilige seat in die Katse dam waarmee gedeel word.
Die lofprysing was awesome en ek kon eers nie verstaan hoekom word Ver in die ou Kalaharie by n geleenheid soos die gesing word nie tot ek die woorde begin ondrrskei en besef die n Sotho.lied wat Jesus loof en prys vir die afgehandelde werk op Calwarie!!
Louise Kotzee, Free State


Wat n wonderlike erfaring was dit nie gewees om die Vrystaat konferensie hier in ons eie nuwe gebou te kon bywoon nie. Vir my altyd so kosbaar om saam met al ons bevolkings groepe God te loof en prys tydens die lofprysing sessies.

Fransie se deel wat sy oor veroordeling gepraat het, ons moet weet daarkom 'n tyd wat God Sy genade lig al is dit net vir n tyd en plek, was aangrypend.

Apostel Natasha kan mens net na luister en luister ek kry elke keer so respek vir haar. Daar was weer so baie openbarings mens is terselfde tyd opgewonde, hartseer, en die vrees van die Here kom sit in mens se keel.

Alles wat gebeur het en al die sieners, al die openbaringe mens sal nog lank aan alles kou. Dankie dat ons cd's kan bestel. Weet net ons sal ons sokkies moet optrek om by te hou en terselfde tyd in God se totale rus in te gaan vreemd maar dis mos hoe die Bybel se somme werk.
Anele Ernst, Free State

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