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10-31-2017 12:00:00 AM
27 - 29 October 2017
By Ps Darlene Kalonji

This Conference was a resetting and realignment Conference for Daughters of Zion and it left everyone challenged and ready to be repositioned as the Bride of Christ. It was rich in Word and we were definitely privileged to be part of this defining moment.

I personally learnt a lot when Apostle Natasha taught on the Significance of who Zion is and that Zion is the Bride.

Apostle touched on marriage as a reflection of the representation of the Bride of Christ and a great epiphany for me was when she said:

The whole Church has not reached maturity to operate as the Bride of Christ as seen Song of Songs 6: 8-9

There are sixty queens and eighty concubines, and virgins without number.
My dove, my perfect one, is the only one, the only one of her mother, the favorite of the one who bore her. The daughters saw her and called her blessed, the queens and the concubines, and they praised her."

Some will be queens, some companions and some concubines which dependents upon my preparation that will qualify my position as a bride. This talks to my personal walk with the Lord. If I am getting married to Jesus, how well do I love Him to live right and do right every single day.

She also taught strongly on who we are and the authority we carry because we are in the Name. We can basically do mighty exploits because of His name and that we are in the Name. Righteousness is key to what God wants to do. This came very strongly at me and in view of the representation of the Bride...

Some statements that hit home for me were:
* As a daughter of Zion that I am called to push through. Is my womb lined with gold. I need to develop some breasts as a sign that I can be married and have children to nurse.

* We have a big role to play in ensuring that we bring something here on earth that is not yet here without the sound of my voice needs to be heard.

* He is looking to establishing something in the Cross and I have to be aligned to Him.

* We are not just called to be a bride but a Mother to Nations. All the nations will come to Mount Zion. If you are a daughter of Zion, you are here to usher in the end of the story.

* Being in His presence 24/7 takes stamina, and is no child’s play.

* Moses went into an intimate place with the Lord and got to be an economist for the nation.

* How far is my economy going to extend? This really challenged me...what kind of steward am I?


Some Feedback from the Daughters of Zion group, who attended the Conference:

"My experience of the conference was an phenomenal encounter with the confirmation from the word of God to DOZ purpose..
With reminders of who we are, the standard of excellence i.e. Purity, intimacy.. etc.. We are brides and The Almighty's love for us and our responses are expressed in Song of Songs..
(a whole new meaning for me) Thought provoking and conscientious reflections.. this is life changing."


"For me conference was sobering. I realized that the mandate is so much bigger than I ever comprehended and all along my perspective has been so small and limited but the Word during conference opened my eyes to God's greater mandate... it brought a fresh and deeper meaning to Acts 1:8... it's bigger than just me and my mum or dad and siblings. I also was blown away by '.unless I pray for the kingdom to come, it's not going to come down'. So I really am called to ARISE and THRESH... and trade for souls to be saved from hell. It provoked me to take myself more seriously because God has trusted me with this mandate so I really am well able because He already made it possible for me to succeed and win so I have to now DO."


"One of the things that stood out for me was INTIMACY. It's like God was reminding us or taking us over that topic again. I learnt that whatever you are intimate with, you will conceive and produce the seed. So we must be careful under which tent we are in.
THE NATIONS is another thing that kept ringing in my ears. Nations shall see the glory of the Lord in us. That's why we need to arise and shine.y Arising is a doing word.
The nations need to see Jesus in us.
Another thing was of the trading floor. What am I trading on the floors of heaven."


"I think the conference was great. It put into persepective what God has envisioned for Daughters of Zion but also it challenged on a personal level. I liked the way Apostle Natasha carried the word that the previous speaker started but with a uniqueness that made it meaningful and simply not repetitive."


"Important buzz words for me at the conference were:
"Frequency" to align to what the Grace has made available to us. So that we may access what the Grace has freely availed to us."


"It was a revelation of the mysteries of God which were hidden in Christ Jesus. A provocation to rise up and see from God's perspective. My understanding of salvation has greatly shifted and new understanding of "the holy calling" God has called me with. It is such a high calling to birth the will of the Father on earth as it is already created in Heaven"


"My take away from the conference: Every daughter of Zion that was under the voice of Apostle Natasha Grbich, has been hand-picked by God so:
1.He can impute His righteousness on us. (In righteousness we shall be established Isaiah 54;14)
2.Apostle shared on the Pillar of fire by night and cloud by day to confirm to us that if He chose us he will take care of us like He did with the children of Israel
3.Choosing us as New Breed of women is likened to the way He took the children of Israel out Egypt so He could demonstrate how He takes care of His own.
4.The mystery of the Pillar of fire by night and cloud by day
5.When it is horizontal and when its vertical (we need to be sensitive to the move of God, like the Sons of Issachar)
6.Restoration of Authority and Dominion that was lost in the garden ( Gen 1 :26 -2