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3-6-2017 12:00:00 AM
2 - 5 March 2017


The comments from those attending the conference with John E Thomas, Streams Ministries International, was over the top! It was such a re-establishing moment for the prophetic ministry in the House of Ariel Gate. People are reporting fighting over their CD's within their families. Seriously recommended to all.

John E. Thomas, brought such a foundational stability on the prophetic, our relationship with God and shared personal testimonies, which impacted everyone that attended the conference, young and old. John E. Thomas ministers in a prophetic revelatory understanding after serving under John Paul Jackson, for years, and now representing his ministry globaly.

It was such a timeless message that I am sure we will be listening to it for months, even years, to come, this impartation needs to be deposited in the very depth of our beings.  If you could not make all the sessions or you didn't, getting the material  is a MUST!!

We give all the Honour and Thanks to Our Lord God for what he has done and what He is still doing in us!! Thanks to John E Thomas and his wife Dawna for being with us.

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