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3-3-2016 8:54:40 AM
 26 - 29 February 2016
By Fransi van Wyk
Our Trinidad trip kicked off on the Thursday evening with a radio interview at a radio station with a wide-spread audience.  We greeted listeners as far as New York.

Apostle Natasha explained in her interview about generational curses. How it is programmed in our DNA and how we need to redeem our DNA back to God's original plan through repentance.  
(Radio Interview available on:

The Repentance School started the Friday with Apostle explaining that Jesus died on a tree to redeem our family trees.  He became a curse (Gal 3) for every curse in our DNA to be broken.  

With this he rewrote our scripts.  We now have the right to redeem every perversion of our DNA through sin and iniquity, all because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

When Jesus said 'it is finished', we can by His perfect sacrifice, redeem our original DNA through repentance.  Meaning we can rewrite our genetic code back to the original.  

The cross, the tav, is also a mark or a signature - Jesus became the handwriting for us to legally redeem our DNA.  She demostrated the Genesis scenario.  Here God called Adam back from his walking with Satan.  She explained that when they stopped walking with God they started a walk with Satan. Their garments changed to the character of Satan and they saw they were naked.  We had, through repentance, the priviledge to step back to our walk with God.  This was the original place that God created for man.  

In the next session Apostle explained how God worked through generations.  The scenario in Hebrews 7 where Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek, shows that Levi also paid tithes at the same time.  Levi was only to be born 4 generations after that, so in the spirit the choices that you make today affects your generations, in this instance 4 generations later.  The same applies the demonic realm.  The legal right you give to the enemy through your sin affects your generations.  Therefore repentance is vital for us to deal with the sin and to stop the transfer of the iniquty to your generations to come.

During one session we shared testimonies of deliverance that people received through bloodline repentance.  The people were moved by the reality of the fruit after the bloodline repentance.  

The next morning Apostle used the repentance book and worked through it in a work session.  Everyone had to take their repentance book and follow her through the reading.  Active repentance followed using the prayers in the book.  This reminded me of the time went through repentance in Bothaville and the huge shift that happened in our lives, even the Young Adults movement was birthed through this.  

This congregation really impressed us.  They were well prepared through the working of this book.  They even wrote a song of repentance for this conference.  After we explained the modus operandi and vision of The House of Ariel Gate, Apostle Dwayne Andrews asked Apostle Natasha if they as a congregation can become a Firehouse of Ariel Gate, so they will start the process of Halaking with us.

We really want to say thank you, we truly appreciate the intercession of this house.
Well done Apostle Natasha and House of Ariel Gate!