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8-31-2017 12:00:00 AM

By Elizabeth Arceneaux

July / August 2017 was a season of breakthrough in America. Yes- a breakthrough! Apostle Natasha and I were on what one would call a “marathon” as we traveled. She ministered in the Heartlands of America and in the states of the Great South. For several years now, I have received numerous telephone calls from leaders all over the USA with a heart cry for “Repentance” and revelation about “Cleansing the Generational Bloodlines”. We were very blessed and privileged to host Apostle Natasha Grbich and to sit under the revelation and living word she released to us. (Romans 2:4) “For it’s the love (kindness) of God that leads to Repentance”. This is an amazing revelation!

Apostle Natasha arrived from a very long flight from South Africa (24+ hours and numerous layovers), but immediately upon landing, she preached the very first evening and again for the next two days at the Christian Center of Shreveport. Apostle Tim Carscadden of the Christian Center of Shreveport invited Apostle Natasha to begin teaching a school of Repentance. We could sense a deeper level of revelation of repentance and understanding like never before. (this message can be watched on Youtube).


After an incredible weekend, we drove to Texarkana, Texas where we invited for a prayer meeting in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Cheryl Myrick. Cheryl and Apostle Natasha and many of the intercessors that live in that region have had close relationship for over 25 years. Not only do they have close friendship, but have labored many many years of praying together - as well as traveling to the nations together to pray. Many intercessors that had moved away years ago were now back. The group is now called “The House of Prayer for the Nations”. The very day we arrived was also the anniversary of the first missions in the United States, New England, held in Williamstown, Massachuesetts, in August 1806 and is still supported to this day by American churches – called “The Haystack Prayer Meeting”. This prayer meeting first begun with five people praying in a barn under a haystack. They sent out the first missionaries to Asia, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Africa, even to the Zulu’s, and many more. Apostle Natasha released this message on the Haystack Prayer Meeting and it’s importance and released apostolic prayer for this region.


It felt like “homecoming” with being around such dear friends and intercessors – those of us who have labored together, sometimes with tears and are still burning for Jesus and praying for the destiny of America and the nations.

We then drove to Houston, Texas (a long day of driving) to Apostle Natasha’s home from home – Christian Tabernacle. Apostle Natasha was invited to minister with Pastor Matthew Bismark’s young adult congregation with Global Force, and the next evening with Pastor Andrew Heard from Christian Tabernacle’s young adult group. The impact of the revelation that the Lord was sharing with us through Apostle Natasha was incredible and gave us such deeper reality of the Father God’s heart. The passion for Jesus seen in these young adults were so inspiring and encouraging. They will be the next generation to carry the fire of God!


While in Houston we were very blessed to attend the Sunday service - to hear and greet Apostle Natasha’s spiritual dad, Dr. Richard Heard.
Definitely a NOW message for the Church!


After driving back to Shreveport , we re-packed our suitcases and books to fly to Kansas City, Missouri – the heartland of the USA. Kansas City is located in the center of the USA and is also known as the “breadbasket” of the world. Kansas adopted a new nickname, the “Wheat State” and continues to be known as the breadbasket of the world, the nation’s leading wheat producer.


Last year in 2016, a lady, Marilyn Griffin, from Kansas City, Missouri ordered the book, “Repentance, Cleansing Your Generational Bloodlines, by Natasha Grbich. And by the beginning of this year of 2017, she called again to say that after reviewing the book, they would like to invite Apostle Natasha to come to Kansas City for August 2017, to speak on “repentance”. Marilyn Griffin, leads Ministries of New Life and has been having a convocation every year for the past 10 years on “Teshuvah Repentance . This year, the convocation was “Restoring His Ancient Foundations”, (Isaiah 58:12). Marilyn, for many years, has held city wide Repentance Services sins against African Americans, Native Americans, lack of Unity and purity of the City Fathers and atrocities committed by the church against the Jewish people. Marilyn had a dream the Lord had given to her about Apostle Natasha and she invited her to come to Kansas City. There was such a desire to learn and a hunger of God in the hearts of the people in this area. There was always an overwhelming crowd at the book/product table – and everywhere. Many folks came from other states as well as long time friends of Apostle Natasha’s from many years came. Apostle Natasha released such an incredible message during this conference with such a boldness like I have ever seen before.


Apostle Natasha was also invited to minister at the Jubilee Church in Olathe, Kansas with Pastors Dan and Cindi Crevier – also called the Jubilee Training and Equipping Center. Marilyn Griffin and many people from the other conference also joined these meetings, so it seemed like a continuing conference. Again, it was like a family reunion. Many people stayed after the meetings to gather around Apostle Natasha to hear more. There is such a hunger for the Lord like ever in the USA! There is a tremendous desire for God to move, for Repentance and for the USA to have her inheritance - to be who she is destined to be. God is moving! We thank Apostle Natasha for bringing the fire with her to light the torch to burn within each of us in the USA!

She began with the message that we must complete “our job” in Christ. At the cross, Jesus completed what He was sent to do – end to end. But that now we must complete our job. We must take responsibility – what do we really believe. What is our testimony and can we hold it?

The USA says it agrees with the plans of our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Amen!

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